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About Us

Real estate marketing and Real Estate Consulting in a professional manner in the country, ASPENDOS was established in 2005. ASPENDOS quality and reliable service since the establishment aims to keep always in the forefront of real estate.

Real estate brokerage and collaborative work are among the main goals of the company open branches in points to create. According to the process of development of the sector, "Dreams Realty ASPENDOS is unlimited with the motto' serve to be beneficial to all customers.

ASPENDOS real estate, real estate development and there are studies to become a prestigious profession and sector that you have obtained the knowledge and experience working with partners in the sector shares.

ASPENDOS real estate, and economic policies of our country with our aim to adapt to the modern operating system in size and age as one of the leading representatives of the real estate industry and bring it to the next level. While giving this service, integrity, honesty and reliability is the basic principle of.


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